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 about your admins!

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Founder (lol, sounds like flounder)
Founder (lol, sounds like flounder)

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PostSubject: about your admins!   Sat Oct 25, 2008 3:15 am

this is a topic for new members, just so they can find stuff out about the admins!

About Kawaii:
What i like about being an admin:
What i like about this forum:

About Naruto: hey, im naruto, i love anime (as you can probably tell) and i really enjoy going on forums. one of my faveourite forum is (of course) this one, and one of the many online games i play is called adventure quest. in real life, my name is connor,
and i sort of like playing football (although i am not very good at it.) but anyways, hope you have a good time here, and make lots of new friends!
What i like about this forum: the fact that i can help everyone!
What i like about this forum: iiiit's fun.

About Happy: hmmm well my fav color is purple. Kawaii is my BFFMBFIHACODCBCBLBHB. I have a pen that says kawaii on it but this guy in my class licked it and this other guy farted on it so i desided never to touch it. I go to school. I eat food. I hate hw. I like to do gymnastics. I love the twilight book series. I have a BFF at school and i love her to death but sadly she is moving 1 hour away from me next year so then i will be sad, but thats what computer and cars and cell phones r for =) . I am very annoying sometimes. imma be in a pagent in nov! my birthday is nov 20! I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!! I could not live w/out cookies. Christmas is my fav holiday and i belive it means more then presents and santa. I love to help ppl. Dont be mean to me cuz ill like be mean back then you wont be too happy. I love penguins. I did dancing for 7 years. according to my apple i had a lunch imma mary someone whoes name starts with R. umm i guess thats it!

About Remilia: Well here goes! I like hockey, pokemon, anime, soccer, kitties, bunnies, animals in general, fiction books, Nintendo, forums, Neil Cicierega's videos, neopets, acting, singing, drawing, writing, making music, smileys, learning languages, limeade, lettuce wraps, Asian food, Mexican food, rolls, Naruto, HGTV, cookie dough, cake batter ice cream, friends, fun things, likeable things, holidays, cute boys (XDXDXD), cloudy days, rain, snow, eating ice, computers, Adobe Fireworks, getting A's, Animaniacs, people who dislike the Jonas Brothers, Studio Ghibli, music, Touhou games, art class, daydreaming, sleeping, eating, aaaaaaaaaaand notebooks.
What I like About Being an Admin: It's fun :]
What I like About this Forum: It's fun :]

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about your admins!
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